What Are Some Of The Best Ways To Get Any Girl You Want?

Every woman is different. As such, different women have different tastes and preferences. However, despite the many different kinds of women, the rules of attracting them remain relatively the same.  They are all driven by the same biological and evolutionary processes that govern attraction, love, and sexual chemistry.

Pretty Woman SmilingBelow are four ways to become more attractive to women.  If you want to learn what I believe are some of the best ways to get any girl you want, I recommend reviewing these Girlfriend Activation System tips.  GFAS is full of totally awesome stuff!

Ok, now on to 4 simple traits that will make you more attractive to girls.

1. Persistence

Persistence is the key to getting anything you want in life.  Women are no exception. One failed “pick-up attempt” can’t keep you from approaching more women in the future.  Even the best pick-up artists in the world get turned down sometimes.  The difference between them and you is they don’t get frazzled by it, nor do they lose their confidence because of it.

2. Sexual Tension

If you want to get any girl you want, you need to learn how to master sexual tension.  Girls aren’t attracted to you because you’re a “nice guy”.  They’re attracted to you because you turn them on.  And how do you turn them on?  By creating sexual tension through flirting, body language, etc.

3. Appearance

You want a hot woman.  She wants a man who doesn’t look like a slob.  We all know looks aren’t as important to women as they are to men, but they still matter.  It will be much easier to attract women if you keep yourself in shape, stay well-groomed, etc.  It’s not so much about being “hot” as it is about maintaining good hygiene.   Comb your hair, wear deodorant, brush your teeth.  If you didn’t walk straight out of a cave when you got up this morning, then you shouldn’t look and smell like you did.

4. Calm And Collected

Women love men who are confident, calm, and don’t let anything frazzle them.  Women are naturally more emotional than men.  She needs you to be the rock and strength in the relationship.  Men who can’t control their emotions and instead let their emotions control them, are extremely unattractive to women.  If you want to attract more women and get the girl you want, learn to not let anything get to you

5. Bonus Tip:  How To Walk Confidently To Attract Women

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